I can definitely do this?!

Hi! I am certainly glad I found this community. I am trying to make a career change, and I know it is going to be hard. I am just so tired of bouncing around job to job and finding them very unfulfilling. I’m hoping the problem solving aspect of coding keeps me engaged. I’ve been surfing around here and some discord channels and making a career switch doesn’t seem out of reach.

I also just really appreciate all the information out there and the community surrounding the tech world.

So far I have picked up some main points:

  1. practice every day / just pick and work through a learning path
  2. get on Frontend Mentor
  3. have a github account and figure out what to do with it later :laughing:

I have trouble not bouncing around all over the web trying to learn things, I’m guessing that that is common … there is just so much information out there … I didn’t even know where to start at first, so I picked up the html course (cat photo app) on freeCodeCamp

If anyone has any pointers or lessons learned for someone that is MAYBE 2-3 months in on learning that would be awesome :grin:

As far as learning paths go, I highly recommend the one here in FreeCodeCamp. It goes through a lot of things you need to know so you can actually build the projects on Frontend Mentor.

As for GitHub, that is where all the projects you are proud of or want to keep get uploaded to. Source control is essential for backing up your code. It’s a way of being able to back up your code and restore it to any previous state before a change was made.

I hope this helps you. Best of luck in your career switch!

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