Trying to start a career in coding

So I have just started using free code camp a week or so ago. I actually went back to school for 3 years and got a bachelor degree in web development but then due to family and I will admit laziness did not use it after that. I put in a number of applications but let myself get discouraged. So now after two years of not doing any coding I am basically starting from scratch and am trying to relearn and improve my skills. I made a site for my son’s scout troop. Just a one page informational site but it is now possibly being expanded to a shopping cart for selling mulch. And then tonight I got contacted by a friend of my wife’s who has a friend with a gym that might be looking for help with a site and she knows I was looking to try some projects for free to get some experience and add to my portfolio. I for sure struggle with the imposter syndrome so this really has me nervous. So keeping fingers crossed and trying not to panic.

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You can do it. Just studying here in freeCodecamp you can learn how to make a beautiful and responsive website.


Hi @ReidKG,welcome to FCC community!!!

You don’t have to worry if at the beginning it will be difficult (it is also for me so now), you will see that with the commitment you will be able to make satisfying websites.
Practice every day up here on FCC.
If you have any doubts you can ask, here are some very competent people.
Good coding :smiley:!!!

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Thank you for the encouragement!

I’m sure that previous experience going through that bachelor degree will really help you as you do these side projects to help build your portfolio! Even if you don’t remember most of it due to going cold turkey in the coding world, the concepts and methods you learned about in school have stuck with you I’m sure.

Welcome to the FCC forums though! Like @jrwnfrndz stated. You can do this!

That much at least I do remember. The concepts I do remember. But trying to write it is literally word by word. But I am sure the more I do the easier it will get(at least I hope lol).

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Practice makes perfect my friend! Godspeed in your studies and practice

As a fellow person trying to start a career in coding, I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you. Good luck to you also.