Starting Coding As I have been sitting on around

Hey Guys

My name is Shona, I have been unemployed since February, finally decided to do something with my life. I am seriously interested in coding and have been inspired by some of the stories I’ve heard. I want a new career that is going to offer more security and open up new doors. So starting with the basics. If there is anyone else out there in the same boat, I love to hear from you and we can support each other in this journey. I signed up to a company, but their lectures are seriously boring, and I figured that coding is all about practice. SO, shall we begin.

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Hi @1shonathom!

Welcome to the forum!

I don’t know which company lectures are you referring to but I would start with the FCC curriculum at the beginning. As you move along the curriculum, you can start to build your own projects alongside the ones from the course. That will give you more practice with the basics. You can also use other resources as needed along the way.

I am currently 4 1/2 months in and working on my first side project alongside the front end certificate. If you get stuck then you can always ask the forum for help.

Good luck!

Happy coding!

Hello, welcome to FCC :smiley:

Started coding last week and supporting one another with somebody who also just begun coding would be really motivating. For talking, figuring something out, motivation, etc.

Was also looking for a buddy to take this journey with, send me a message if you like.

@1shonathom Hi, and welcome to the FreeCodeCamp forums! Coding is great. I started when we went into lockdown because I had nothing else going on and wanted to be productive and learn something new. Hope you have a great time learning. The best resources I have found have to be FreeCodeCamp, YouTube if you are a visual learner, and talking to others about code and asking questions. Good luck and happy coding! :smile:

The FCC forum does have a welcome thread. You are free to introduce yourself there and read through other people’s introductions as well.

I am going to close this thread but I do hope you share your story in this welcome thread and get inspired by other people’s stories.

Good luck and welcome!

Hey Shona :slightly_smiling_face:

I am just getting back into coding after many many years of being out of the loop (we are talking webtv and Myspace days lol), and there are so many new and confusing things to learn. I hope that you enjoy your journey through the different languages and know that you are not alone. I know mainly HTML at the moment, but am slowly learning CSS and hopefully others as well. If you need to vent about it not doing what you want or another pair of inexperienced eyes to see what amazing things that you have made, feel free to ask. I’m lurking around trying to learn this stuff too hehe. Also, the lessons so far are very helpful, and hopefully you will find them such as well.

Keep your head up, you can do this! :slight_smile: