Help me to start coding

i am begginer of coding.plz help me to know how i start.

Hey @2ero,
The best thing you can do is follow the FCC curriculum on

and then learn accordingly.
This curriculum will take you in right direction.

However, supplementing it with a few other resources could really help you.
One of the things i would recommend is :

It’s an over-all computer science course and it provides a great introduction to how things really work in programming languages.
So, i highly recommend this. (Bonus: It’s free.)

I will also advise you to not get sad or overwhelmed when you do not get the concepts. This happens with everybody.
Just do not give up. Things will eventually start falling to in place

Apart from this, you can always post questions here on forum and there are people who will be more than willing to help you including myself.

Hope this answers your question.

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Follow the guide of @aditya_p :slight_smile: really helps me…