Just join freecodecamp guide me

Hi Everyone I’m a Geek in freecode camp where do I start pls help m guys…

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Start at the very beginning with front end, and just go from there. FCC is laid out very nicely, so you can just do things in order. Good luck!

Start with the map

map is your friend! it allows you to go from exercise to exercise and also to jump some if you need to (not totally recommended)

Also, you are in the forum, so that’s a great step. check out as well the gitterHelpRoom. You can find me in there in the wee hours of the empty night (EST) and others willing to answer questions, offer support, and guidance.

But definitely get to know the map, and your fCC profile: https://www.freecodecamp.com/[insertYourUserNameHere]

oh! and there’s a beta that you can explore too: http://beta.freecodecamp.com

here’s an excellent thread on the beta… I’ve que’d you to @ArielLeslie’s summary