Accepting risk and moving forward

Hey guys,

I have been messing around with freecodecamp and front-end development for about 2 years now on and off. I received my bachelors in management last May and realized I had no idea what I wanted to do like many others. I accepted a job as an IT helpdesk analyst and have felt stuck and miserable since. I get anxious just thinking about my job and it has kind of ruined my motivation to do anything else.

I have made the decision to put in my two weeks tomorrow…even though unemployment is soaring currently. It’s risky but I have to get out, clear my head and define a plan going forward that will land me in a happier place.

While I have been remote the past month, I have reset my progress on freecodecamp and picked up a couple javascript courses online. I plan to really focus in on learning the concepts and stop worrying about completion as I have done in the past. I want to build out a portfolio I can be confident in and start landing some work. I may need another job for the time being but someday soon this won’t be a hobby anymore. Thanks for reading…posting anything publicly makes me uneasy but I needed to put this in writing.


Hi @sylerguthrie,

Welcome and good luck with your goals!
I hope you find your journey enjoyable and don’t be too hard on yourself :slight_smile:

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Hello !

Congrats for your first “real” work experiment ! I mean not as a student :slight_smile:
Even if it sucks it stays an experiment, don’t take it too hard

What’s the problem with your current job ? Could you explain these feelings (to yourself) ?
Is it with the content of your work ? with the environment ? with your capacities ?
The earning is not so attractive maybe ? Are you anxious of something which doesn’t happen yet ?

Could you learn the stuff you want and build new skills with your job as the same time ?
Keep some earning during learning ?

It can be harder to be fully into something and go deep into your head with no minimum material sufficiency :slight_smile: but, I completely agree with the fact that work can be painful…dont forget that no job should be static/eternal

Good luck with your inner self quest and have good time with learning

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Thank you so much! I love freecodecamp and I can’t wait to see where it takes me :smiley:

We are rooting for you! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Don’t let step 100 prevent you from taking step 1 :fire:

One day at a time!

Cheers :+1:

You can totally do this. Just believe you can do it and YOU absolutely CAN do anything. Take it slow and with a smile :slightly_smiling_face: The best of luck! Have a wonderful time!