Greetings freeCodeCamp Community!

Hi Guys,

I’ve just finished the HTML,CSS and Bootstrap sections on freeCodeCamp. My initial bit of feedback - WOW! Great job!

I’ve been playing around with the idea of going into web development for a number of years now. I’ve started and stopped a number of times mainly because there are so many resources out there I was overwhelmed at times.

I have to say freeCodeCamp has been THE most helpful resource I’ve come across. Before joining FCC I was working my way through the modules on W3Schools, spent a LOT of time going through their modules, but found it hard to practically apply the things I was learning on there.

Just wanted to give a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in putting this site together. You’ve definitely found the perfect balance in producing engaging, efficient and useful content.

From a Happy Camper,


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Welcome to FCC!

I joined right after Thanksgiving and I’m so happy I did! I haven’t found a more comprehensive ‘game plan’ anywhere else and I’m throughly excited and so glad I found FCC.

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Great stuff! Did you have any prior developer experience? How well have your skills come along since Thanks Giving?

Only some self-taught online lessons over the years in HTML5 and CSS3 and Bootstrap. I’ve been diving into JavaScript the past week or so … I found the following three Guides to be immensely helpful, depending upon the path you want to take.

I hope they help you crystallize your learning path as they have me.