Portfolio project :)

https://lyubomirny.github.io/LyubomirNenov/ Hello there I’m proud to show you my portfolio project it took me awhile but I did some side courses while I was doing it I know that isn’t the best one but is a good start right :slight_smile: any feedback will be appreciated thank you!

I’m working on my portfolio as well. Your site looks amazing and totally professional! How long did it take? What courses did you take? Did you con’t on in freecodecamp or did you pause your camp to look into other places? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Hi, Tasha, I’m glad you like it thanks for the feedback.Mainly I take courses on fcc and codecademy first in fcc, right after that I repeat the same course in Codecademy because they cover different things HTML/CSS courses in fcc give you only the basics.You can find very good bootstrap tutorials on youtube.I’ve learned many things by inspecting other people’s code and if I like something just google how to do it(google is your best friend).I hope that was helpful, good luck with your portfolio and keep coding!