Looking for feedback for portfolio project

Hi all,
I am new to freecodeCamp community, I have been doing some learning in HTML, though feeling rusty in CSS. I have made a portfolio and I would like some feedback if no problem?
Thank you for your time.

HI @tysun705 !

Welcome to the forum!

I moved your post over to the its own topic.

When you are looking for feedback it is best to make a new topic instead of posting in someone elese’s.

But your code is almost identical to the fcc sample.

You will have to redo this project because it violates the academic honesty pledge.

I know learning to code is hard but it is important that you build your own projects.

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Hello Jessica,
I understand, I did use the sample for reference to make my portfolio and I will definitely take the time to redo the portfolio.
Thanks for the reminder.

Tony Sun

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