Feedback for Portfolio Website

Hey how’s it going? I’m new here :smiley:

If you guys have the time, could you please give some feedback on my portfolio page (or my codepen profile in general) that would be awesome!

Thanks freeCodeCamp

I… I love you… :heart::heart_eyes:

Hi, welcome to FCC :grinning:

So my feedback is as followed:

  1. I have a tough time reading the black text with the background image of the laptop, update the font color or something to help it be more readable (Or add a background around the text maybe? Need to try out a few things)
  2. I think the responsiveness is kind of broken? I have my browser smaller than full screen. I had my browser window smaller than 1472px width, and the page turned into two columns and a few parts of the page started overlaying differently. Check it out locally with a smaller browser window and you will see what I mean.
  3. I see placeholder text under the three skills, is that suppose to still be here?
    4.Your contact me form send button should be lined up with some element in the form.
  4. Finally you mention contact me on social media, but I see no info todo as such haha.

Otherwise looks good, I like the use of the images, and overall layout and color scheme.

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