Finished portfolio, I would love feedback

Finished portfolio, I would love feedback
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First I have several things to say, all the code was written by me and that is what I am most interested in the feedback.
The design is something that costs me a lot and I think this is quite good. What is your opinion?
The links work but they still do not direct to my social networks.
The portfolio is made with placeholders for now.
I do not worry about whether it is adaptable even though I think it would look pretty good if I’m not mistaken in smaller screens.
Finally, I recommend seeing the example in the codepen full-screen mode.
Thanks in advance


like the landing page looks great. The contact form does not look good, though I’m using a small screen atm. Code looked good.


The text is too big on the contact form. Also, it took a long time to load.


It looks ok. As mentioned already, that is some huge text next to the contact form. Also the “don’t forget to follow” and the buttons there are huge as well. Doesn’t need to be quite so prominent. Page doesn’t really scale well to smaller window/screen and I feel like there’s a bit too many different fonts/text colors which, along with four different background colors (excluding the top background image) makes it look a bit messy.


Thanks for the feedback, I will study your comments and see what can I do to improve it