Feedback on my portfolio please

I am not a talented designer by any means and I just started 3 days ago but here’s my more aspirational portfolio project.


What feedback can you offer on it?


I thought the webpage was broken at first because it loads to a blank screen. I would pull everything up so that the first thing you see is your name. Or at the very least add a picture at the top. Other wise looks pretty decent. :slight_smile:

The Font used for your name and the sentence under isnt very kind to the eyes. Thats just my opinion though

Keep it up. :slight_smile:

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If you could take another look at it for me. I realized that codepen does not allow imgur links so I have fixed the links so the pictures load correctly. Thank you for the feedback already.

Hi Adam,
It looks pretty good! But I do have some suggestions… work on the colors of the menu div and the contact div, they don’t quite work together. Fonts need some work, meaning a more interesting selection in the contact section.
I would put the headline up higher so it can be seen right away, all I see is the Jumbotron which doesn’t tell me anything and when it shrinks down to phone size it loses its impact, maybe put your headline up top for xs and sm and move it up on med and lg. I think you did a great job on the about section, clear and right to the point… When I resize it, the text is overflowing the div. Try overflow:hidden in the css for the about section. Some space between the submit button and footer would help too. Its always a never ending project!..Good work for 3 days though!!

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Thank you Barb!

I will work on it a little tonight. I think the colors clashing are a product of changing my color scheme halfway through and halfassing it the rest of the way to finish it up.

Thats MUCH better. :smiley:

I personally dont think the colors clash too much… but im not a designer so what do I know lol.

Now that theres a picture behind it, the font for your name and quote makes alot more sense.

:thumbsup: :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

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