May you give a feedback on my portfolio page?

Hi everyone.

I would like to know your opinion regarding my portfolio page. Thank you.

There’s lots of potential in your portfolio.
I see good use of color gradients and excellent responsiveness for larger and medium screens (and even some good ideas for mobile but not quite fully working there yet).
Some of the issues I noticed are with your design choices. They don’t always make sense to me. For eg.

  • you used generic icons as placeholder links for your projects? Maybe you plan to replace these with something more contextually relevant to your projects but if not, I would think about it.
  • the links to your social sites are a bit plain (white circles with text inside).
  • the font on the landing page is small and doesn’t resize according to the real-estate of the screen. (larger screen should get bigger font).

But the skeleton of the page is good so I’m sure you can keep improving it as you gain experience. (I surely hope I can improve mine as it has some issues on mobile too).

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thank you for your feedback, love it.

So my big issue related to size is because i still struggling with media queries, I know a bit but not fully.

Regarding to the icons, I searched for hours to find good ones and I have to agree with you it is a bit plain.

Moreover, I just left the projects icons without their names because I suffered to create and plot them at the proper place that’s why.

Thanks a million for your feedback…:wink:

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one quick tip is to use viewport width when defining font sizes if you want them to resize automatically (or use a percent value or even a fraction depending on the situation).

I’m glad you spent most of your time working on the good structure of the page. The rest will come much easier I’m sure!

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