Portfolio Page | review & feedback would be great!

Hi, I would to love hear any feedback on my ‘personal portfolio page’ project. I coded it in Sublime Text before pasting it into codepen… It’s just easier and quicker for me to work stuff out. I also used Bootstrap 3 because of another tutorial I’m following… Some things probably would have been easier to adjust with Bootstrap 4.

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well done! beautiful glass :slight_smile: nice colors, you could change social media icons size for smaller screens

Wow that looks great! Excellent photos and color scheme. I looked at it on a mobile screen and the only thing I can think of is to have it resize based on device.

Beautiful! I only looked at it on my phone, and I agree about the social media icons being big. Also, your email address at the bottom overflows a little to the right. Other than that it looks really great!!

So nice, Keep going.

Thanks for the feedback! I think I fixed most of the mobile problems with the social media icons and email link alignment, and being too big on smaller screens,

Part of my problem was I was relying on Google developer tools to check how things looked on various mobile sizes… That was not very accurate. Once I put the code in Codepen, I could see better how things look on iPhone and iPad.

My last problem I can’t figure out is why my menu links don’t seem to work on my iPad or iPhone, but everything including the javascript work great on desktop. I have very little experience with codepen, so not sure why… maybe a jQuery or Bootstrap problem… or how I have things setup.

While I was playing with your pen, I noticed that <div class="container"> (line 122) isn’t closed. You need a </div> just before </section> on line 173.

And you don’t need the <body> tags or the <title> tags (in Settings > Stuff for <head>). If you download your pen by going to Export > Export .zip, you will see that your index.html now has 2 bodies and 2 titles.

But these are trivial matters. Your design sense and crafting skills are transferring well. I look forward to your future projects.

Thanks for checking out the code and catching some of the mistakes! I’m surprised that missing </div> didn’t screw something up. I took out the <body> tags, but when I took out the <title></title> tags it screwed things up… So I put them back. CodePen seems to be quirky with certain things.