My first ever portfolio

I like how FCC tries to push me up to my limits. I could have complained about giving too little knowledge to design something that demands more knowledge - but that’s actually good - it makes you search the internet so that you learn it by yourself too.

I hope the placement of the up button in the bottom won’t trigger your OCD :smiley:

Edit 1: Hmm… strange things happening. The mobile dropdown won’t work in codepen… But it worked outside of it when I made this in Brackets IDE…

Edit 2: Issue is gone

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Hi! Good work. Only thing is hamburger mobile menu does not work. Keep it up!

Yeah,but it worked outside of codepen when I coded it in Brackets

Maybe you forgot to copy your javascript to codepen? Ohh i see. You must add bootstrap library in javascript section too.

I added all the libraries I used in codepen. Still doesn’t work…

EDIT: It works

Looks good - Maybe drop the text size on mobile tho? to save your page being super long!

lookin good mate… a couple suggestions if I may, I would maybe drop the size of your social icons at the bottom… they seem over baring and also when you hover over them there is a hyphen that appears to the bottom right of each icon except your codepen icon… and then I agree with @badhoc in regards to reduce the font size on mobile… cheer :slight_smile:

Keep coding!