Feedback on portfolio page

Hi, please check My Portfolio Page for honest feedback.

I am a little OCD with details, I don’t know why the mobile menu doesn’t collapse (I tried it on my phone) but if I use another editor, it works so it seems like it’s an issue with codepen?. Also it’s just a draft with a bunch of placeholders and meaningless text so don’t mind about the content. Thank you in advance!

Hi, I think it is a pretty nice website, especially the Portfolio and Contact Me sections!

Some things I would change. In the About Me section I would put the image on the right and the text on the left. Also, there is some whitespace (purple space) on the top. I would either remove it or put a title there.

Your menu hamburger doesn’t expand because you haven’t added Jquery and Bootstrap.js. You can add them in the JS panel on codepen by clicking the cog and selecting them from the Quick Add menu. You have to include them in the right order: jq then bootstrap.

looks pretty good. I can tell you have an artistic side!

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Thanks a lot. You’re right about the img, it’s pretty annoying. I put it side by side with the text and it kind of looks better now.

you have no idea how much I googled. I thought it had something to do with Js since the sample portfolio had stuff in it. Seriously, Thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

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No worries - I did exactly the same thing and someone pointed it out to me a while back. It’s the circle of life :slight_smile:

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@JacksonBates - I’d been having the same trouble with the hamburger menu on my own portfolio page, so thanks for putting that out there…works like a charm!

@IdyR17 - the site’s looking good so far - nice layout and use of color!

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