Please check out my portfolio page

Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for checking out my portfolio proj. I know this is kind of a typical style that most people are using for their portfolio but I just wanted to see if I could do it.

If anyone has any tips that would improve the look and feel of the site as well as how the code is written I would be so grateful!

I have a few questions. I really struggled getting that responsive hamburger menu positioned on the page. I wanted the large screen nav menu to be flush up at the top of the page but when I would switch to a smaller screen and click on the hamburger the drop menu would display over the hamburger and I wouldnt be able to collapse it, so I moved it down on the page a bit and it seems to work fine. But I would like it positioned right at the top right of page.

Also, that bit of javascript code that controls the page jumping with the nav menu, I just basically copied and pasted from stack overflow. Is there a simpler way to make this happen? possibly without javascript? Was just wondering.

well, thats all. Thanks again for checking this out!

My Porfolio

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Really nice … love the images … couple of things … not overly gone on the text in the about section mainly because of the blue text makes it tricky to read … the project section the place holders are way to big and hide the lovely image … kind of defeats the purpose of having that image in the background and then covering most of it with the place holders. also the place holder with the tribute page has all that white around it … personally i would make the place holders smaller … shape them to the tribute page shape because the other two place holders would look fine in a box shaped like the tribute page and wouldnt look off with overflow,. on your drop down menu when the screen is small when you click the button and menu drops … you can see for a second a horizantal scroll bar the width of the screen. finally the footer i love the picture but covered by the footer …maybe put everything in a line a reduce the size of the footer to show more of the image. Again very nice … really nice images used.

Thanks for your input! I believe I was trying to make those thumbnails smaller when I placed them but couldn’t figure out how. It seemed like when I would try to adjust width/height it wouldn’t change. I thought maybe because the bootstrap thumbnail class size is fixed? I’ll figure it out. And yea that menu bar is kind of a disaster haha. I have to redo it. Thanks again!