Feedback Request: Portfolio Page

Hi FCCers!
I’d love to your feedback on my portfolio page. I’ve used a bit of PHP which doesn’t appear to run in CodePen, so I’m linking the site from my personal website, and the Codepen.

All feedback welcomed and very much appreciated!! Thanks!

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Wow, pretty dope that you got a lot a projects to show on your portfolio!


  • Working on the mobile layout. Note: It appears your hamburger(navbar toggler) icon isn’t working on mobile. I think you might be able to fix this by adding bootstrap’s JS library.

  • The portfolio section could be cleaned up a little bit. Perhaps you could 1) resize the images to be all the same dimensions and 2) reformat the look of the skills for each project. For instance, you could remove the text, increase the icon size, and have the icons listed as a horizontal list instead of vertical. On mobile, the icons can be listed vertically.

Pretty good job so far. I would love to see the updated version! :smile_cat:

Thanks for catching the fix on the navbar and also for the design suggestions!! I really appreciate it!

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Looks great so far!

My feedback would echo some of what @jinrawx said, with making your site more mobile friendly and definitely making those images the same size/responsive for all screens.

I would also recommend relocating the email and linkedin buttons out of your header so you have your name and bio stacked on top of each other to look a little cleaner.

And last but not least, I would recommend making those icons of the resources you use (HTML, CSS, ect) horizontal instead of stacking them vertically.

But like I said off to a good start, hope this helps :slight_smile:

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