Personal Portfolio - project feedback :-)

Hi all,

I finally got around to making a start on the personal portfolio project - it’s super basic at the moment but I’d really appreciate any feedback!

Many thanks in advance,



I like it. The images don’t show, but the layout is nice and minimal with a professional feel to it.

If it were mine though, I’d add a transition or something to help differentiate the navbar from the top section. That was the only thing that I really didn’t like, as the top section bled together with the nav.

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The link to your Projects section doesn’t work. The id’s don’t match

@simongreenuk Nice! Appropriate font selection, professional looking, the mobile version looks excellent.

Here are some suggestions.

  • The text below the green area is too light. I can barely read it. Increase the contrast.
  • The icons are tiny. It is hard to see them.
  • I cannot see any images of your projects.
  • Possibly add a little movement on page load?

Thanks so much Logan!

Sorry about the issue with the images not showing up - I’d used imgur to host my images without realising that it doesn’t work with codepen. Using GitHub now which should work hopefully…

Also, I fixed the projects link not working. That was a silly mistake as I’d changed the id of the section at the last minute to pass the FCC test but didn’t change the id within the nav :flushed:

Thanks so much for your design suggestions! I’ll have a think about differentiating the navbar!

Fixed now - That was a silly mistake as I’d changed the id of the section at the last minute to pass the FCC test but didn’t change the id within the nav :flushed:

Thanks for your feedback - really appreciate you taking a look!

Hi Brandon,

I did wonder if the grey text on white with such a thin typeface would be tough to read - super valuable feedback thank you!

Also, I think depending on your screen resolution the icons may indeed be too small. I’ll increase there size.

Interesting suggesting of movement on page load - I can’t quite imagine what that would look like but I’ll investigate.

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Consistent and neat I like it :ok_hand:

i like it but i want to know more about the techniques you have worked with. And i find the linkedin, github button to small

That is an impressive portfolio!!!
great job!

@Soufyanbreda Thanks so much that’s really helpful feedback! I plan to add more detail to the about section and also the projects section - for now they are really only placeholder text :slight_smile: I’ve increased the size of the social icons as several people have said they found them too small. Thank you!

@SalimDev @ConnerOw1115 Thanks guys that means a lot! :relaxed:

@simongreenuk look up CSS animation keyframes, transitions, hover effects.

I try to give the most valuable feedback I can to really help people improve their projects. That is why we are all posting our code here. We can always learn from of others. I am always tweaking websites I made a while ago to make improvements that I thought were finished. I do not think there is a perfect website out there.

Keep up the good work my brother.

I figured the images were probably related to a codepen issue :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. Looking forward to seeing what you settle on for a design.

You are totally welcome (especially when there is a really good portfolio!)

Good job man. I would have prefer a little bit more line spacing. The lines are too close and not justified. The about section is aligned to right on mobile contrary to other section. All in all, thumbs up.

Its great.

Could be better with a better font usage on each viewport (fw and fontsize). Also use a darker color font.

The say hello button should be taking more space if you want people to click it. It should be the main attention grabber when you go at the bottom.

In terms of consistency keep a consistent border radius the button seems like it’s a pill. i think it is a pill. use the same border radius as in your profile image and make it larger you’ll be good

push the social links a bit down so my eyes can focus on the button.

its really great looking. these are really small adjustments great job

I like the clean look that the site has. Like others have mentioned, the font is a little small and lightweight which (for me at least) causes me to skip over the text and scroll down. Also maybe include color versions of the language logos to make it pop!

Hey thanks for the feedback! I’ve increased the line spacing and I think it looks much better! When I check I can’t see that the about section is aligned right - may I ask which browser you are using? I’ve checked in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and the alignment is consistent…

@unicornxoxo1919 @a-barwick Thanks for the feedback guys! I’ll be looking to incorporate some of your suggestions into my desk going forward - really helpful!