My Personal Portfolio Page. Feedback and Suggestions please

My second project-

All feedback and suggestions are welcome.
I tried opening this in IE, but thats not the exact I made. So, preferred browser-Chrome

I like your design style. It seems playful and fun. Also like the way the hero images fades onto the screen. Nice touch!

This is a small design critique and probably not a big deal, but I would prefer to NOT see the text with the social icons on the upper right navigation bar. I think icons only would look cleaner. If you want them labeled, you could add a title attribute to the anchor links.

Also, at the bottom of your page, a space between the blue icons and the text would be good.

These are really small things. Overall, I say “Bravo!” :clap:

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I like the aesthetic!

You might want to look into using a hierarchy of font sizes, this can improve the “flow” of the page. The text is a little hard to read in places (this is probably a result of the font being too small and the choice of font).

The second section, which talks about you, might look better if the margin-left and margin-right were increased a tad.

It might also be nice if the page slides downwards when the navigation links are clicked, as opposed to the sections suddenly appearing.

Finally, the code is a bit messy in terms of indentation and spacing. You can easily fix this by using Tidy HTML and Tidy CSS which can be found in the dropdown menu on each window.

These are just minor improvements, well done on completing the project!

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nice work keep it up

Thanks a lot for your suggestions :thought_balloon:!!!
I also removed the test next to social media icons in the navbar.

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Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
I added smoothscroll :thumbsup:
Changed font size :thumbsup:
And also used Tidy HTML and tidy CSS. :thumbsup:

Yours too is a nice portfolio page.

Thanks that was a really great experiance. Kshitijaa :slight_smile:

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