Dedicated portfolio feedback thread

Post your portfolio project here

hello @oomit!
check my portfolio
and give me feedback or suggestion
.                 My personal portfolio

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hey @oomit
can you share you’r portfolio link?

Hi @HooriaHic

First of all, good job on completing your portfolio!

I have some visual suggestions.

  • How happy are you with the background image and the background of where it says " Hi, I am …"
    The two images seem to clash with each other and there is a lot going on.

*Also, your portfolio page which we are already looking at is part of your projects. I would take it out because that is redundant information. (Your footer already says that).

*Also, as a Native English speaker and English teacher, I see SO many errors with capitalization, punctuation, etc. English may not be your first language which is totally fine, but use to edit ALL work beforehand. It is free.

*The icons to contact you should also be smaller, I would not have them span across the width of the screen.

That is all I wanted to share.

How long have you been learning for? :slight_smile:

i have been learning from 10 days

Hello @HooriaHic
I really like the design and color palette of your portfolio.

Some ideas to improve:

  • You could use the images for the project link, instead the link in the descritpion
  • Add an onhover enlarge effect for your project images
  • As @NANAENGLISH mentioned, rearrange your contact icons

I haven`t made my portfolio project, yet.

hello @oomti!
i don’t understand how to share image for the link?

Hi there,

I have just finished working on my portfolio. Any feedback would be super appreciated, especially on how to refactor the code and how to improve the CSS and avoid repetition. Thank you!


I really like yours Rosella! Very professional. If I had one piece of constructive criticism it’s the brightness of your top section. I would maybe play about with the text and white transparent background over the top of your image. It made my eyes squint a little! Other than that - perfect!

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Thank you so much for your feedback! I have decreased the opacity of the navbar and increased the font-weight. Hopefully it will improve the readability :eyeglasses:

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You can insert an image into your hyperlink tag:
<a href="https://..."> <img src="(image link here)" alt="..."></a>

I actually meant your title container with your contact icons on not the navbar, sorry! Just a tiny bit more opacity needed in the same way. Other people might disagree though.

Thank you for following this up, I totally see what you mean and I have changed the opacity to 0.9 for the personal details section as well.


You got very tidy and informative portfolio layout.
I agree with @joshharvey1984. How about applying opacity to image and make it blur have a look this link

I saw your map you doing great 93 solution in one day. Keep it up :slight_smile:

If you get a chance would you like to review my tribute page

catch you later.


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Thank you very much @MonikaPatelIT!

I have tried to increase the opacity of the background image, but the main text is affected too so I would need to find a solution for that.

I have had a look at your tribute page and I really like its layout, which is responsive too and done only with Bootstrap. Well done!

Dropping mine here, just finished it:

I’m sure there’s tons of feedback to be had, ha. Thanks to anyone who takes a look!

Hey Rossella,
Thanks for your kind words for my tribute page.

I have find you a solution. In your CSS look for #header and inside that you have used ‘Background’ for image replace with background-image

#header {
background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(255,255,255,0.5), rgba(255,255,255,0.5)),url("");

and will look somthing like this

I have fork your solution to get ans in my codepen here
I will delete it once you check. Please do let me know if get confused

Catch you soon.

Other end of the world. Auckland New Zealand. :slight_smile:


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Rossella your page is beautiful, very professional & clean. Looks like you have a talent for design. It’s actually inspired me to do more on my portfolio. Great job :slight_smile:

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Hello fellow campers,

Please provide feedback on my portfolio project.
Thanks all in advance.

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I would love to get some feedback on my portfolio website. I’m not 100% happy with the final outcome but there’s always time to improve!

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