Personal Portfolio Page feedback welcome

Hello all. Finished my portfolio page. Any feedback would be welcome. As with all of my projects, I’ve tried to keep things clean and simple. Hope you like it.

Portfolio Site

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Landing page looks great, maybe change the boxes to pics of the actual project ?? also maybe not a fixed navbar :slight_smile: Great work dude

Wow, wow, your product page is amazing! Fantastic eye for design, very inspiring.



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Need to make the site responsive when the browser width shrinks. Things start overlapping, plus in general your nav links should probably be in front of a sold or translucent background to make them easier to read and not get mixed up with the other page content.

Thanks James. Good shout with the fixed nav. Not sure why the project images weren’t coming through. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Must be to do with imgur’s hosting. This is what it it looks like when it’s working.

Thank you for your kind words Mark. Comments like yours are very motivating to keep on learning even though it’s hard at times. Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback Randell. I wasn’t happy with how things overlap. I’ll look into having a soild nav background. Thanks.