Ulzahk Personal Portfolio Webpage

Good day programers,

I finished the personal portfolio webpage project, please review it and every comment that you do is well received.
This is the project’s link:

Thank you and I wish you a excellent day,

That is a well done job. It seems you have basic idea of design principles.

To me, the whole Interface has too much red background.

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Hey @Ulzahk, be careful hosting your images on imgur. Others have had problems with their images not showing. Since you’re using GitHub, host your images there.
Also, your navbar is just a tad too wide and causes a horizontal scroll bar.

Edit: Just noticed that this color, #2b2a2a96, in your box-shadow isn’t valid. There’s two too many numbers.

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You were right @passive, adding another color makes it better, thank you for your advice.

I have already solved the navbar problem, changed the shadow color and host the images in GitHub, thank you very much for your suggestions @Roma.

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Great job on the project! I like the interactivity of the elements in the portfolio.

Only thing I would add is some interactivity to the logos in the contact section. Like if the mouse is hovering over the logo, you could show the user that it is on that specific element.

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I tested it and It looks better, thank you very much for you help @konstantin.krumin .

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