Responsive Personal Portfolio Done!

Hi guys! I’m done with my personal portfolio. Please see the link below:

Your feedback that will improved my work will be very much appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Increase the font size for words under the image. Its a tad small.

social icons, these look so odd spaced out like this, thats my personal opinion, maybe not so much spacing? or maybe have them all on the same line?

Very Nice! It feels a little more personable and not sterile. The only thing I would suggest is a more subtle transition on project hover, but that’s just me. Great work!!

@ShawnainMaine and @Danyl007 thank you for your inputs. :slight_smile: I will take note on this and make sure my future projects will be improved… :slight_smile: appreciate your suggestions… :slight_smile:

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I’m not a fan of the background, not sure about the idea behind putting wooden planks behind the page content :stuck_out_tongue: Especially that you’ve used 3 similar backgrounds. It doesn’t contrast well enough. You can try decreasing the opacity but I think I’d just go with a different background.

Other than that, a bit more subtle hover effect like mentioned before.
I’d also align the icons in contact section horizontally, switching to vertical on smaller devices.

I’m not so worried about the background as the menu. I would put more padding on the top and bottom, and move the items closer to the left side. Also, I would change about to home. Just semantics. Good job. Really smooth.

thank you for your feedback… :slight_smile: i’ll look into it…i will take note what you said. This is really important to me what the audience like want to see and improve what’s needed to improve.

one the thing i was confused when i was making my portfolio was if i’m going to use “about” or “home” but then i decided to used about for the reason I had only one page. I was thinking that “home” was only appropriate if you have more than one pages…that was the only reason i was thinking… hehe… and i also tried to used my codename/username to replace “about”… @b3u thank you for your input… appreciate it… i really take notes the comments and suggestions here and for sure this will benefit me to improve my future projects… :smile:

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