My updated personal portfolio

I have updated my personal portfolio. Please review my portfolio and let me have your feedback.
Thank you.
Happy coding


Overall I like it. The portfolio section is bloody awesome! However I just feel there’s too much dead space on the page. The gap between the bottom of the portfolio section and the contact section in my opinion is too big, also I think there is way too much dead space around the introduction at the top of the page. Perhaps scale this back a bit and show the beginning of the portfolio section without you having to scroll down, just so the user is aware of the content below?

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Thank you for your valuable comments. I have tried to reduce the spaces as you suggested. On my desktop screen, it looks okay. Still, it can be improved but I need to learn more about different displays.

The website looks good. my suggestions change the background color and font-family to a google font-family also use animation in it like my portfolio

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Thank you for your nice comments. I will try to update portfolio as you suggested.

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Very nice, I like the project animations as well. Comments:

  • get rid of the javascript for the FCC challenge evaluations if this will be your live portfolio :slight_smile:

  • move hamburger menu to right side so comes down under hamburger icon. Make menu close after clicking an item.

  • wrap nav menu <a> tags around the <li> tags so you can click anywhere on the item box to use the menu, not just the word

  • Seems a bit monochromatic (blue on blue on black), may consider adding some complementary/contrasting color shades, even in font coloring to make text more easily readable.

Hope it helps!


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Thank you for taking time to review my app and giving me your valuable feedback. I will try to update the app as you suggested.

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