Final Version of Personal Portfolio

This is the one. I feel much more confident in the look and functionality of the portfolio now. Thank you for all of your suggestions, thoughts, comments, etc. It really did help with inspiration and guidance towards this final look. I turned it in and am starting the next part of fCC, but still also creating more with what I already know.

Hope you guys like it too


Hey looks pretty good! I especially like the parallex effect going on there.

Only thing I want to suggest is work on your paddings to your sections. Here is what I am talking about.

Cheers :slight_smile:


To piggy back onto @shimphillip there is an opportunity with padding and I would double check your spelling throughout.

Additionally regarding the layout/presentation of the projects you’ve completed I’d recommend checking out You might find something on there that could spark interest, whether it be a feature/interaction or layout.


Thank you guys for the feedback!

@shimphillip I’lll check out the link right away. Always appreciate good reading material to better hone my skills. I’m actually surprised its the only thing you found wonky :sweat_smile: but I worked on this draft a lot so I’m glad it paid off.

@nashkell Yikes, I’m definitely going to re-read. Thanks for pointing it out. And yay! Another useful resource :slight_smile: I appreciate the help

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Looks pretty good.
The one thing I caught when I checked for responsiveness (minimizing the browser to mimic a mobile device) was your page links bringing the relevant content up too far and hiding them under the navbar after clicking. To be clear, this happens when the navbar links are collapsed into a dropdown menu and are clicked from there.

Looks nice and clean. well done! :+1:

Hi, @pleeseno it’s fine good looking of your portfolio but i will give one suggestion is in the top menu bar when you click About/contact us then it should be in a scroll to move. But in you design it’s not in scrolling it’s just directed to that section.

But Rest of all done well