Portfolio Project Review 4/5/18


Please take a look at my first portfolio project - tried to keep it simple for now (only a week and a half (ish) into FCC. Eventually I’d like to fine tune and add more functionality. Please let me know how I can make this better… thanks for taking a look!

hey! welcome to the comunity! i was looking ur page (not the code, cause i don’t do it my own yet) and it like me very much. The only thing i just wanna tell you, is that the 2 pages u load, have the half of the size of the placeholders u put in the portfolio.
Great work!

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I am not going to say anything about the design because I am terrible at this xD.

first thing I notice is that you need a padding in the section “about me” as big as your navbar because if you click on "about me " you can not see the first two or three lines of the section.

same with porfolio.

too many placeholders on the porfolio, think about it, you won’t put everything there, just the bests projects.

the rest looks good to me.

____ … ______

about code:
the link to the bootstrap library goes in settings - css not in the html.

you comment your code and that’s good practice.

seems to be pretty good for only one week and a half keep coding.

(I am not an expert yet, just my point of view)

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Thanks to the Codepen embed, I can run your portfolio inside your portfolio inside your portfolio… :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll have to look at the sizes to make a little more uniform

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Thanks for the input! It makes sense to only highlight the best projects, but I guess a got a little overzealous with the pictures - you mean people don’t want to see my whole coding life in one page??

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I really like how you did the firtst two projects there, looks nice! And the navbar also looks clean like that and that it becomes see through. Really good idea.