Week 1 of camp, First stab at a portfolio!

Hello hello new friends,

I started the program this week and decided it’s time to take a mini-break from the portfolio project, but thought it may be worth asking for a little feedback! I’m worried that my coding got a little too messy, but that may just take time to keep it all organized?

I also didn’t test anywhere except full screen codepin… is that a yikes situation?

And I just made blank wells for everywhere I want to fill with portfolio items… is there a more mainstream way or is that kosher?

There’s also a lot I want to do with JQuery animations but have zero clue how (i.e. title fades away with scroll up, smooth scrolling to the different sections, text highlight with nav bar, etc.). I’ll add it in when I’m wiser.

Anywho, lotta word vomit there - I’m looking forward to and grateful for any feedback, this is unchartered territory for me like most of y’all but i’m enjoying the learning process.

It looks good in full screen but whenever you shrink the screen all the FCC project tabs overrun their space.

yeah that’s a dilemma. any chance you can direct me to a source to help me understand how to fix that?

Looks like removing height:100vh; form your .gradient1 selector does the job.

Maybe u want to take look at this


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