Portfolio Project -- Requesting feedback, Suggestions

This is my shell for the Portfolio Project and would like your input and suggestions. Things I know I need to fix:

  1. Navigation – works on full screen and everything collapses but nothing populates the icon. ???
  2. Needs some formatting
  3. Need to put some Java Script in for scrolling (might help with 1)

Not sure if this worked!

That looks great!! Bootstrap nvbar’s can really be a pain in the ass. I just have mine that roll up and stay stacked. I took a look at your code on CodePen, but I couldn’t seem to find the problem. I’ll try again this evening and see if I can figure it out. :smile:

Thank you Peter,
Replied to the email I received hope you got it. I have gone over the nav section about 12 times, and copied one that worked and looked character by character, but I couldn’t see my mistake if it slapped me in the face. The ones that work that I have seen start the HTML section with but don’t see how that would work outside of code pen because you have to have the appropriate in the header to make it work outside of code pen (My understanding) so any help is appreciated.

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Have you tried just putting the code into an HTML file, AND a CSS file (with a link in the head tag) to see if it worked not on CodePen? I sometimes find bugs in CodePen where something doesn’t work there, but works fine in all the browsers.

Especially Bootstrap stuff!!!

Let me know if you have can’t get aren’t familiar with how to make the code it’s own HTML file, and I’ll take the code and run the browser test myself. Like I siad CodePen isn’t perfect. :wink: :thinking: