Feeling frustrated over Portfolio Project <pls help>

I started with the second project of Portfolio. I believe I have added bootstrap and jquery necessary files already. But yet I am not able to render the navbar. Please help.


Go to this site for help: Nav Bar Help
It should give you some ideas.


@mehtak, In addition to @ddiaz104’s resource, I had a resource or two and some tips that you will probably find useful.

Note that your Codepen (and Codepens by default now) are setup using the in-development version of Bootstrap 4, which has significant changes over Bootstrap 3, which the resource in the above post uses and what FCC teaches.

With that said, you will probably find the Bootstrap 4 documentation useful as it is most relevant to the version that you’re using.

You will also find on the right-hand side several other components outlined in detail, including navbars in the next section after navs.

Compare your code with the code shown in the Bootstrap documentation, there’s no shame in copy and paste, especially when you’re learning, but remember to make it work for you.

If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help you be successful in the long and sometimes seemingly treacherous journey of learning to develop websites and beyond.

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Thank you for responding @Chance9025 and @ddiaz104 I will try again with the help of these links.

You can add the Bootstrap version used in FCC by pasting this
into the CSS settings in codepen.

Here’s a post with more info:

good luck!