Portfolio Page - Need some help/feedback! :)

Hi there!

I need some help/feedback on my portfolio page. I tried to leave the page as clean as possible.

There are many things to finish yet… I don’t know, for example, which colors to use, so I used several different colors on the page (the final version will probably have a maximum of 3 colors).

Any suggestions/opinions/etc are welcome.


Best Regards!

I think you made a pretty judicious use of color - the ones you have mesh quite well.

On potential room for growth:

  • I think it’d be nice to see the nav bar throughout the page.
  • I noticed that the ‘Contact’ section overflows when you scale your screen down (just resizing the page in the browser
  • In the actual porfolio section, it seems like it would be well suited to having a third element on the right, or to centering the two existing columns.

It seems like you have something really nice so far - I hope mine starts out on as good a footing as this!

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In the smaller window size your navigation menu doesn’t open. I like the color scheme you have going on. It looks good just fix that nav and the contact section and its a very good looking portfolio.

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Nice work :slight_smile: When pushing any button over nav menu related section page scrolls down and your nav bar also moves. You should fixed it at top.

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Thank you all for the feedback!

  • [FIXED - SEE EDIT] For some reason, my navbar collapse isn’t working on codepen.io. I tested it on another tool (exactly the same code) and the collapse worked, see on http://jsbin.com/paniqabuhu/edit?html,css,output
    I’ve included the bootstrap.js on my page, and I don’t know what could be wrong. Does anyone know what I could be missing?

  • EDIT: I fix the navbar collapse “bug” including the bootstrap.js again, my fault :expressionless:

  • I set the the “navbar-fixed-top” class to my nav, it really improves the page usability.

  • On the portfolio section, the actual layout is not so good really. I’ll center the right column or rethink the distribution of the number of columns for this section.

Thanks again for the comments! :slight_smile:

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Looking good! All those changes really make a difference.

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