My Portfolio! - looking for feedback

Hello all! Would like some feedback on my portfolio. I plan on adding javascript to it but I would like to actually understand it first before I throw it on. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

I love that image you use as your opener! You should add more unique twists on the design like a color theme to your text to make it more your own. Your portfolio is aligned to the left. I would suggest you try to center justify that.

Finally, look into making the page responsive. I resized the page and your entire portfolio and the contact icons collapse on top of each other. In this day and age, mobile usually comes first. Practice checking your work on smaller devices

Thanks, I will make these changes.

I liked the way your background image scales as the page sizes down. I would maybe think of using a more fancy font for your name just my opinion. On another note I noticed a couple of things that caught my eye.

#1. Nav bar

I would think about making your nav bar collapse as the screen gets to a certain size.

For example:

At a small screen size your navbar doubles up. In my opinion it looks better with a collapse button to keep it on a single line.

#2. Contact section:

I noticed that at a small screen size your icons overlap with your text in your contact section.

These should be easy fixes, but overall great job!!

Thanks, I agree with the collapse navbar on a smaller screen.

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