Portfolio Page Completed, Looking for Feedback

Hello again, everyone. I spent a lot more time working on the portfolio page than I had expected for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason being me scrapping the page completely at least three times. Every time I had an idea of what I wanted, something didn’t work quite right or didn’t look how I wanted and I kept trying to cut and paste around to fix it.

After many, many changes, this is the page I have landed on. There are things I would still like to change, but I am truly happy that I managed to create the Navbar in a mobile responsive way that I enjoy. Any feedback is welcomed as it’s the best way to learn. Thanks for having a look and I hope you enjoy.

My Portfolio Page - https://codepen.io/alexgracie91/full/ppZEdV/


I don’t know if my opinion is worth anything since I’m still very new to programming, but what I can say confidently is how neat and organized your code is. Your website, in design terms, is very sleek and modernistic.

If I have to be extremely picky, I’d suggest that the background for which all of the elements were laid on, besides the navbar, to be widened for desktop viewers. Other than that, I don’t really have anything else to say. Its an extremely well laid out, organized, clean looking page. Great job!

I wholeheartedly agree with @Drew-1. You have a very clean, modern, professional looking portfolio here. Well done!

To me, the only other feedback I could give is your main body content in mobile views. It’s mainly how narrowed/squashed it gets on smaller resolution sizes. If it were me, I’d pick a break-point resolution to have the content take up the full width of the window.

Like I’d remove the inline style from your .jumbotron mx-auto div (I know inline styles are handy but they’re not a recommended practice in the long run), then add an id to your .content div and put that 60% width (maybe 50% to 40% but play around with it) styling on that new id. Then, you can make that width 100% at the 767.98px media query you already have set up.

I hope that makes sense :laughing:

By the way, that navbar is fantastic!