Portfolio Page - Need Feedback

Hello everyone! :grin:
(I know there is a discussion page for the project but I thought it might be easier to gather tips when posted outside of the thread.)

Straight to the point, second try, up to 7 - 8 hours poured for this one.
I thought I should just improve my portfolio while learning JS along the way because… it looks crap. :sweat_smile:

Here is the first version of my portfolio: Portfolio v0.1.
(Yeah, it’s not finished, actually.)

Next, I (re)studied Bootstrap and learned a few new things along the way (CSS flexbox, and CSS responsiveness on other screen). Resulted in this abomination: Portfolio v0.2 (this is what you should review not the other one).

I made the site to be mobile-responsive first then I laid out my design as I am progressing through it. There still might some problem that I didn’t noticed so if you saw something wrong, feel free to say it.

Overall, this is QUITE FUN (although frustrating at some point, but it’s natural) to make. So this is what learning new stuff feels like.
I hope I can build more stuff like this! :grin:

Anyway, don’t be afraid to roast this thing. If it is about the code structure, design, tips, or whatever-it-is, much appreciated. Anything else, still appreciated (hehehe).

Cheers :upside_down_face:

If you add into your navbar element, <nav id="nav" class="col-xs-12 col-md-12 fixed-top"> and then change some of the padding of the navbar, it will scroll to the section without covering up the title

Everything else looks great!

Portfolio page looks good, clearly an improvement from version 1! One bit of feedback would be that - I think it would look better if the bottom of the submit button lined up with the bottom of the message box (on laptops).

Thanks for the feedback, guys! Very much appreciated :grin::+1:

I’ve done the suggestions to my best understanding (so there might be something that I did wrong :sweat_smile:).

You have improved and this is important. I want just suggest you to not change font-size on hover icons, it’s a bit disturbing. I saw that you add media css, I think that you can add responsive nav-bar too. Good work anyway! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions. :grin:

Done about the icons thing. :+1:

It made my page a little too wonky when things are just right when I have those settings (resolutions and position of the cursor) for the icons.
(Tbh, I just did those icon resizing when hovered because I think it’s cool.)

About the navbar, I’ll improve on it eventually. I’m very new on CSS media queries (I think this is what they call).

Some great feedback posted on this thread - wanted to see if I could get in on the action!

Project Link - https://codepen.io/gjh38/pen/xpLoOR2

First ever attempt, no computing experience so I’m expecting this to be bad - please be as critical as you like with all aspects of feedback, it’s the only way I will get better!

In particular, I really struggled with the bootstrap containers - it looks OK on laptop as I fudged it using margins, but it won’t look good on a mobile. I had a gap between my columns and it looked awful - could someone explain what I was doing wrong?

Thank you!