Personal portfolio (Feedback)

Hi guys! First time posting, but have been lurking around for awhile! I’m looking for some feedback on my portfolio.

My first journey into web development, I put in an enormous amount of time learning JavaScript and React JS after nailing down the basics of CSS and Bootstrap. I was able to get by fine knowing just the basics of CSS, but as a consequence, I wasn’t able to lay out or had a hard time figuring out some situations that dealt with positions and other things, as I was heavily relying on Bootstrap for my layouts.

So for the past week I took a deep dive into more advance CSS stuff to hone my skills, more so getting a better grasp with CSS grids and finally getting into Sass. I can say this portfolio is more aesthetic looking than my previous one, which is a good sign (I’m improving! :slight_smile: ), but I know it’s far from perfect and would love your guys input on what can be done to improve it!

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Very nicely done. Gotta love Jonas on Udemy, am I right?

There isn’t a ton to improve upon but some things I noticed that you might address are:

  • Your portfolio image appears squished. You might do better using a background image here instead.
  • I don’t know how I feel about having to click to scroll down. It’s certainly cool though.
  • The cards are slightly off when on a screen between around 1090px and 1676px. They appear as 3 on the first row and 1 on the second.
  • The interaction in the bottom right makes me feel like it should click, but nothing happens. Maybe link to your email there?

Keep it up though looks great!

Thanks! Those are some good points, I will have to check that out more tomorrow. But yes! Jonas is a great teacher, I binged his course for the past week haha. I learned a lot from it, that’s for sure. Can’t recommend it enough!

Why are you loading 14 different fonts?

Fonts such as the ones from font awesome?

Anytime! I was looking at it a little bit more. I think it might make sense to put the popup elsewhere. The landing page is brilliant on it’s own!

The skills that do appear on the pop up should probably be interactive as well.

Thanks for your feedback, I was sorta thinking the same thing for the open/close button as well. Perhaps slide it to the top of the page instead, once the main page opens? I have also gotten rid of the envelope icon on the bottom, as it proved to be giving me a headache on mobile view.

As for the skills being interactive, such as a hover effect? Or a transition effect coming in once the page loads?

Yeah a small hover transition would be nice, but also having them direct the viewer maybe to a project using the different tech.

Not a bad idea! I will definitely look into what to incorporate in that section. Thank you! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Wow this is really quite amazing! I love the design and once things get going it runs really smoothly. It’s super easy to find the info I want to know and the links I clicked worked.

There’s only a couple of (possibly subjective) level-ups I’d recommend at a quick glance:

  • There seems to be a bit of a performance issue on page load. The animations are choppy when they run their first iteration, but after the first, it becomes really smooth. Something to look in to.

  • I would change text areas such as any headers, titles, or general information that wouldn’t be copied to have a cursor: default such as the “Hi There” or the languages you know, etc. This way any users who get visually distracted easily (me :sweat_smile:), well, won’t.

  • The final thing is to go:

The last one is for you to decide (as is with all of these really). I recommend implementing both just because it doesn’t hurt anything really and helps to keep the users of your site a bit more secure in general.

Overall love the site! Awesome work! :clap: :partying_face:

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Amazing site, you should try to include an indication when a user can scroll through the site.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys! Been busy trying to get the front end cert, but will definitely look into those options!