Personal Portfolio Feedback/Critique

Hi everyone,

So, i finally got around to creating my portfolio page, and i would love your feedbacks. I wanted something simple; minimal, yet elegant. I hope i was able to achieve that. One noticeable issue, the space/margin around the images are clickable. I’m still trying to get rid of that, i’d appreciate suggestions.

The Link

Well, first of all i like good on you to put in the work to make a portfolio. I would want to know about the techniques you worked with. I think the github, twitter link needs to be bigger.

Very well done @Belle2. The only thing I noticed was that your last media query (the one for min-width: 992px) is an unclosed block. You’re missing the last closing curly brace.


I made them small on purpose, but i’ll take your suggestion and see what it would look like. I used nothing other than Html, CSS and Bootstrap. CSS did the styling for me. Transition, transform, and pseudo class for the effects.

Oh! I increased the size of the Icon links, they look much better. Thank you.

Thank you. It’s been fixed.

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