Looking for some feedback with my portfolio

Hello guys, how you doing?
OK, so here’s the thing: I’m stuck in the portfolio project. I already done it 3 times and I can’t feel happy with the results. So I decided to post it here, looking for some feedback and for some suggestions of how I can improve my portfolio. Here’s the link https://heruying.github.io/
Also, Im starting Javascript, so I just used the bootstrap default js file.

Hi @Heruying your portfolio looks nice. The scroll arrow at the home page is not working you could correct that.

Done! I also corrected some basic errors, made the contact form functional, put a jquery animation for the scrolls and added some more networks at the bottom of the page.

Also, one more thing: you guys like how the navbar is? Should I make it fixed on the top of the viewport?

Your navbar is ok, but you should collapse the items into a hamburger menu on mobile.

You should add this viewport meta tag to make your mobile work correctly:
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Also, the text in your jumbotron-thingy, needs to get smaller on mobile, or else it sticks out of the page.

The page is also throwing a ton of warnings about http images, you may want to host your images somewhere that has a secured connection like GitHub Pages.

Wow, I made the changes and now it looks really better on mobile. Huge thanks for the advice!

Looks really nice. Just a quick suggestions I found a cool bit of code which means instead of creating a separate li item in the menu for your border you can use li+li as a class to only apply something when they are next to each other.

Read this article for more info.

Also your about me section, one word sits under the photo on my screen, (13") might be worth having that inline with the rest of the text.