Quick portfolio, need some feedback

Hey guys! I really wanted to make a quick portfolio to test my knowledge of basic html/css/bootstrap (took me around 3 hours), but would really appreciate any suggestions for future, any ideas about making a bit clearer code (especially for css, maybe a bit for html would be great). There is almost no javascript yet, but I will definetely work on making it a bit more responsive (navbar sucks on small devices right now) and adding some more cool elements, but I didn’t want to put that much effort into it right now, because I really need to make some more serious projects from FCC to put them later in my portfolio :slight_smile:
Here is a link:

When I resize my browser to the thinnest possible (mirroring a mobile device), your image becomes quite small. Try using Bootstrap classes col-*-pull-*/ col-*-push-* to pull your image to the top and push your self-description to the bottom when the screen becomes small.

Your showcased works also becomes quite small on tiny screens. Using full-sized Bootstrap classes for each of your work on sm and xs screens will fix that.

Thank you for the feedback! I changed it a bit, it works pretty good on different devices now. Added some styling and few more small thing too.

I really appreciate your help. If you want to give me some more tips, go ahead!

Hey @bigsoon,

Looks pretty good! I noticed one thing that you might consider changing. In your projects section, I would look at the spacing of each of the “dummy projects,” it is showing up inconsistently on the screen (space between some and not others, top to bottom.) I would recommend lining up all of the images for a crisper look. Otherwise, awesome, good job!

Looks great :thumbsup:

On mobile it’ll look better if you get rid of the gutters on the side.

The “I’ll never share your email with anyone else!” text below the email field is almost invisible.

Hi Camper,
The design of your portfolio is really very awesome.it’s really very impressive with Html and css only.

Yeah it was due to different size of “dummy projects” images, but I fixed it the other way.
Right, it is definetely better, I totally forgot to do that :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Updated version: https://bigsoon.github.io/BIGSON_DEV/

I did some fixes, thank you all for kind words and it’s really a huge motivation for me to keep going, I’m gonna do some more challenging projects now and will definetely share my incoming work with all of you, so I can get pointed in the right direction, cheers!