Portfolio and need some feed back


Hello, i’m working on my portfolio. It just a start but i wanted some feed back about the things i already did:

I tried to learn some principe of photoshop lately to work on my header background. I’m not good with it :slight_smile:
Mostly, i’m trying to do some thing “good looking” but i’m not very good at it. I’m not a designer :slight_smile:
It’s some thing i do for my school. It’s a specific portfolio type-need.
I will had some responsive on the nav later on. I’m more concentred on the look atm. All the others stuff will come later one.


Hey guys :slight_smile: How can i improve my text from the center expecialy !


@pocahontas123 I took a look at your portfolio page. The graphics looks REALLY GOOD and I like the fonts. The first thing I noticed when looking over the code is that your not using bootstrap to make the page mobile responsive. Right now it only looks correct while in a full view on a laptop or desktop. I mean you can use HTML5 to make the page mobile responsive but HTML5 sites can sometimes only look good on phones and computer screens. Big phones and tablets look like crap. If you want to use bootstrap you can place either class="container-fluid for full screen or class="container if you want spacing on the sides. Check out the website for more info Bootstrap Website
Hope this helps :smile: :smiley_cat:


Hello thanks you :slight_smile: But i’m really on the design right now. responsive is not my first priority right now.
I’m worked on html&css&webdesign lately and i want to put my cards of this for now.


I will try to find websites and anaylise what they do.


Great :+1: you can make a website responsive using just HTML5 and CSS3 it’s just a different technique than Bootstrap. Anyways let me know how it goes, I would love to see the site when your finished.


I did some work on my portfolio few times ago. But i’m working on javascript right now so it’s not advancing.
Will maybe upload my work so people can check.