Personal Portfolio help!

Hey guys! So I fiddled around a bunch with my personal portfolio, and I’m almost ready to move onto the next section. Anybody have suggestions for tweaks to the design or functionality? Right now it doesn’t actually have real content, I’m just designing it and will add content later.

oh Also! Can anyone teach me how to make those cool programming language icons? In my Skills section I would like the have the html, css, javascript and swift icons, but I don’t know where to find them.

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Hey there!

I have some suggestions about your projetc :slight_smile:

  • IMO your nav is too big. In small screens, the navbar stays above the image. You can use the “collapse” function in your navbar, for example (see bootstrap doc);
  • In small screens, the social buttons label didn’t appear, just the button and the colors;
  • [PLUS] You can use some fonts (like googlefonts) to improve the presentation of the content.

Congratulations again, your project is very good!

Thanks @airtonbjunior! I’ll check out these options for sure.