Portfolio Feedback/Help

Hi All!

I’ve just got to the stage where I feel I could post my portfolio page on here for a bit of feedback. I’ve kept it very simple at this stage, just wanted to make sure I could get everything where I wanted it first. I am still having problems with my navbar as when I make the screen really small it goes all weird and squished up, so any suggestions on what to do here would be great! I actually created the page in brackets with a plugin for the scroll animation which I later found out I didn’t need as there was a much simpler way, so I hope there aren’t any odd remains of that in the code anywhere.


Anyway, thanks in advance!


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This looks really great!

I really like the navbar, but as for what to do when the display is small, I had two thoughts:

  1. make the text scalable-- but that won’t fix the “stacking” problem
  2. have the <div class="container-fluid"> start after the nav bar, and instead lock the navbar to a certain # of pixels instead of making it a relative size. It would keep the words from stacking, but on a tiny screen, it would make your user scroll sideways.

I’m still a n00b at this myself, so I’m sure there’s a more elegant solution here. Maybe once I start working on my portfolio, I’ll think of something.