My portfolio page - feedback/suggestion please & thank you

I finally got to a satisfactory point with my portfolio. I know it still needs a lot of work in order to be considered “finished” but any feedback or suggestion would be great. I tried to not depend too much on bootstrap but it seems all I managed to do was make the page look different/bad on different screen sizes. The only thing that scale are the images, the text doesn’t. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue without using a container-fluid?

Here’s the link:


I like the color scheme. I am guessing that as you add real content and take away the “coming soon” that they’ll all be scaled the same size?
The one thing I noticed was that the Home/About/Projects/Contact looks a little muddy/blurry. Maybe making them slightly bigger would help this.

I think it looks great. One thing you might want to work on is the navigation. It doesn’t quite feel right to me and when the screen is smaller it gets squished.

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