Feedback on my portfolio page

This is the link

I did the whole page from scratch without using any templates. Did lot of custom styling and also used bootstrap styles.
The content is not finalized, but thats the layout.

Kindly review the code and I would really appreciate if you guys can provide your opinion, suggestion and feedback.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey there! This is not bad for doing a lot of things from scratch! I like the color scheme!

My suggestions:

  • Try using bootstrap’s .container class instead of .container-fluid. I recommend using .container-fluid for navbars only.
  • Your navbar seems to not work on mobile. =(
  • The smooth scroll function is just a tad bit too slow for my taste. I’d recommend decreasing the wait-time.
  • Try figuring out how to center your portfolio items on mobile screens.
  • Just a design principle I like to follow: try to keep most of the content in the center of the screen. I think this makes reading the content more pleasant for the user.

Well, that’s all I’ll say for now. Great job so far and keep up the awesome work! :smile_cat:

@jinrawx Thanks for your kind suggestions. I will improve upon the inputs and post the updated one! :slight_smile:

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I know its been a long time… Got swayed away in between by lot of things…
Here taking your suggestions, have tried something.


  1. Made it responsive.
  2. Added skills div
  3. added media queries to handle it well in phone, tab and small desktops.
  4. Bad: for large screens the image gets pretty strectched out, i am still wondering on what to do here.

Below is the link to view the web page.