First ever portfolio - looking for feedback

Hi Everyone,

After a lot of worrying and hand-wringing I’ve finished a first version of my portfolio page. It’s still pretty basic, but I’d like your feedback…how can it be improved? Are there any bugs or issues?

Thanks in advance!

Oops. After putting the codepen link in, it looks like the nav menu is collapsed to the side. Back to the editor for some tweaking…embarrassed

All other feedback is welcome. :slight_smile:

Looking good! :thumbsup:

I noticed that you used both bootstrap and foundation. I can’t say anything about foundation, but it’s generally not a good idea to use them both together, because of possible conflicts in the CSS or whatever.

Since the oval image isn’t that large, consider using a smaller version. It took forever in mine to load (yeah, connection’s pretty bad right now, but you should also consider mobile users). Pexels should provide different sizes of images.

If you clicked “Portfolio,” the page will jump there, but the heading is obscured by the navbar. A fix I know is to add some space between the section’s top border and the heading (by using margin or padding; don’t use <br>).

I typically avoid specifying margins/padding on the sides of containers and just let bootstrap do it via columns and offsets. They tend to break the page when viewed on mobile.

Consider adding a hamburger icon for the navbar. This is how you do it in bootstrap.