Portfolio page feedback please

Hey guys,

Please could someone honestly critique my portfolio page? I haven’t personalised the social links yet but I just wanted to get the design of the page sorted first and foremost.

Any advice would be great!



EDIT: Wow just realised it looks pretty bad when I run the embedded pen! It looked so much better in full screen haha.

Hi there,

I realize it’s been almost two weeks since you posted this, but hopefully you’ll still find this feedback somewhat helpful. The color palette is simple and pleasing, it’s easy to read, and you’ve got a contact form. Overall, a great portfolio page. There are a couple of things that I think merit your attention. One is that when I shrink the window, your menu is always open. The Bootstrap navbar can responsively change into a dropdown (but make sure you include the Bootstrap Javascript file in your CodePen!). In a related matter, the social icons stack vertically at about 1000px width, breaking the design.

The second major issue is that your navbar doesn’t stay with the viewport as I scroll. This can make navigation more difficult than it needs to be, even on a smaller site. Bootstrap has an easy fix for this in the above link which I’ll leave for you to find (but do ask questions if you get stuck). A word of warning, this fix will break another part of your design, but that also has a simple fix (hint: margins). When you get better with JavaScript, you’ll be able to come back to this and make it even better. You could make each section a full window height, for instance, and use Scrollspy to update the current link.

Great job, though. I hope you’ve done more since posting this, and I think you’ve got a good eye for design.