Portfolio page, give design feedback pls!

here is my page http://codepen.io/hoangdepzai95/full/amoqoO/ . thanks!

Well, I’m new myself, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

I really like the fact that the navigation links are fixed and scroll with you. I do think though that vertically aligning the navigation link text (“About me,” “My Profile” “Contact”) with the Home icon and the social media icons will definitely help its appearance. I also notice that the links do not work. When I click on “Contact” for instance, it doesn’t actually take me to the contact section of the page.

I think by “My Profile” you actually mean “My Portfolio”. I do see a few typos throughout the web page. So, be sure to double check things. :slight_smile:

Some of the images you include in your design don’t feel particularly relevant, but you can decide what images add and emphasize things that you want to showcase.

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thanks for feedback. my page not really done so that why we cannt click.and you are right, it is some images that i like, i will edit for better page, thank you so much.

ok so i may sound harsh but i dont mean to (plus we’ve been doing design feedback on a website at work so i’m in full-on critique mode)

  • Your navbar seems bounded to a certain width but the rest of your page isn’t - (I’m on a big screen so this might be why)
  • The colour of the icons in the top bar are different? - its good to get a colour pallette of max 5 colours and stick to them.
  • Your images when they are inline (ie around the ‘Who am I’ section) should be the same height
    your columns of text aren’t centred - slightly to the right?
  • The distance between your portfolio examples are different for inline and up and down.
  • Try picking two fonts and sticking with them - one for headers, and one for body font (check out Google Font Pairs )
  • might be nice to duplicate the icons you’ve used for your contacts in the navbar in the contact me section for continuity.

Hope this helps!

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thank you so much, because of im a beginer so i will learn that from you and edit my page soon for better!