Please Review, rate and criticize my Portfolio Page

Here is the pen for my portfolio page. I need somebody to scrutinize and rate my design. A very Honest opinion needed, thanks.

Hey! looks like a really good start. I have some insights that I hope you will find helpful and not frustrating.

the “a freshly baked” text needs to be a different color, or have a different background, because the text is to hard to read.

it would also be much more personal if you had an actual picture of you, instead of the (admittedly nice) photo of the guy in the suit.

the blog link in your nav bar doesn’t lead anywhere. also, consider having the nav bar scroll down with you (not necessary). however, the real challenge would be to also make sure it doesn’t scroll down if a user is viewing you on mobile.

for the portfolio section, you have nice spacing between the rows of your different projects, but it would look much better if you also did that same spacing for all the columns.

It would be nice if your items in the portfolio section were actually links to the projects, so users could see them in more detail if they wanted. it would also be nice if they had captions, saying what the projects were, or perhaps what languages you used to code them in (depending on who you want your audience to be).

does your “contact me” actually work? or did you include it because its in the free code camp example? i tried it and I don’t think it does. To be clear, you don’t actually need a section where people can send you emails. you especially don’t want it if it doesn’t work, and people think they are contacting you and then it looks like you are ignoring them. Instead, move your twitter, linkedin, etc. links to that section, and maybe give your email address with a little blurb on how and what the best way to actually contact you is.

just some thoughts. sorry to be mostly scrutinizing, the actual design is pretty good, and I can tell that you put a lot of effort into it!


Thanks Adam for this honest scrutiny; it’s exactly what I needed. I think you’re absolutely spot on with the “freshly baked” suggestion. I actually noticed some of those text are actually faint, most when I resized the browser window but I put a lot into it and was beginning to be frustrating, but I’ll try working on your suggestion. And yes, my contact page and blog link don’t actually work I think moving the socials down there would look good like you said. Regarding my portfolio page they are only two of my actually designs and just one them is live right now. So I just had to duplicate the both of them and drop them as placeholders, but I’ll sure add some captions and the spacing. I also intend to create a blog and make sure the link actually work. Do you think this portfolio page of mine is ready to go live after I’ve implemented your recommendations? Thanks once more, you really took the time to look at my pen in it’s entirety.

you’re pretty close!

a couple of other things while I’m looking.

the home button on the nav brings you to a weird place. try having it just bring you to the top.

you have a couple of things to do to clean up your actual code as well. for instance, your

“welcome {
margin-top: 12%;
color: floralwhite;
font-size: 1.5em;

is duplicated.
in general, I’d say you have a lot of spacing (especially in your CSS section) that just doesn’t need to be. probably you are trying to make your code easier to read for yourself, but I would instead highly encourage you to get in the habit of commenting a lot more, either explaining what the section is, or notes on things you want to add later, etc.

with all that said, this is a quality portfolio :slight_smile:

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Very good feedback. The freshly backed text is hard to read at times. It is always difficult to include text with a background that is “busy”.

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