Feedback wanted - Portfolio Page

Hello Everyone,

I created a personal portfolio page and I was hoping for some constructive criticism. This is the first portfolio I have ever made, so there is definitely more to learn! Thanks!

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This is a nice page for the first portfolio page. But here are the some things you need to take care of if you want it to look better.

  • Upper right links shouldn’t have dots of the list. I would recommend using a bootstrap styling for the navigation links
  • You need to fix underlining of images which contains link. Either make a full line that follow the width of the image or even better, remove the underlining.
  • Amanda Crawford in the header (on the right side) should have more spacing between the edges of the screen
  • Links on the bottom should have space above them so they are not glued to the middle area

Very nice. I noticed a few issues as well.:

  1. When I am scrolling down in mobile mode everything gets a little jumbled around and I cant read your beautiful paragraph :frowning:.
  2. As well as the Github and LinkedIn links are on the side of the page and I can’t read those because the pictures are covering it.

Things I liked.:

1.Your parralax is really nice and you chose a great picture.
2.Your github link is working and function and doesn’t have a placeholder.
3.Your code is very organized.
4. The email button is a nice feature.

Other random things:

You can add bootstrap in codepen using the settings button on heres how:
1.Go to settings
2.Pen settings should pop up from here click on the css button
3.From here scroll a little to where it says external css
4.Now there should be a button under named Quick Add On
5.Click on Quick Add On and add bootstrap.

That just makes it so you don’t have to link it in your code every time.

Thank you @Gogy and @emmanuelledebarge, you have both given me some very great feedback! I will be looking into these issues very soon and will post a link when I am done. Thanks again for all of your constructive criticism!