Feedback Needed | Portfolio Page

Hey Campers! I just completed the Personal Portfolio challenge and it’s my first time using Bootstrap. Feedback on how to improve it would be very much appreciated!

EDIT: Updated the pen. This should be the finalized design! :slight_smile:

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I’ll check yours out if you check mine!

Great page you’ve got! Good color scheme and I love the hover effect and the carousel was a great idea! Couple things you should update:

  • Add the section links to your navigation. Right now they are broken links and only go to the top of the page.
  • Add anchor tags to your social media icons
  • Right now your images aren’t responsive. With Bootstrap, all you need is an .img-fluid class to all your images and they will resize with the screen.

Everything else seems clean to me, time to work on filling that portfolio!


Hi @codenchips,

Good work.
Overall the structure and layout is good.

Consider increasing the height of Portfolio section.It seems too short.

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Hi Lina! I’ve taken a look at your website. Here are my feedbacks:

  1. Color Scheme.
  • Depending on the design you’re trying to go for, you should try to find matching color schemes. Not all colors go well with each other. Try this site to find colors that match well together!
  1. Fonts.
  • I think the website used too many fonts and gave a very inconsistent feel. Try reducing to 2 or 3 at max.
  1. Overlapping words.
  • The way the content of the navbar overlaps with the content of the webpage made me uncomfortable.
  1. Looking at other’s work
  • You can try sourcing for inspiration here They have an amazing show case of apps and website designs!

Best of luck! Let me know if you need any help! :slight_smile:

Hey drregg6! Thank you very much for the compliments and great feedbacks!
Alright noted. I will work on those feedbacks and get the site live in 2 hours! :slight_smile:

Hey miritzi!

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll take that into consideration! :smiley:

Good portfolio page! :thumbsup:

On small screens reduce the size of the text in the carousel.

For some reason I can scroll a bit sideways, but I guess it’s not that an urgent issue.

i guess some padding / margin would give a better look