Hello, just finished my portfolio (first edition)

Here it is:

If i could get some feedback. Is it correct for now? or do i have to work on stuff i can do at my level.

Have a good day

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Good work.

A couple of style issues to consider:

  1. Left-aligned text is generally easier to read.
  2. Try not to have text touching the edge of the screen - have a little padding / margin so it feels less cramped.

Hello you :slight_smile:

I did some change regarding the cramped feeling:

I do have a question. I tried but i can’t center my nav :on the screen ( Can you help me?

You’ve got a great start here! :smile_cat:


  • Try adding a mobile nav bar. Maybe even try going for a fixed nav bar. Bootstrap documentation is your friend.

  • Try using bootstrap’s .container class to wrap your content so the content is contained in the center of the page.

  • Add more personal content. For example, add an actual bio and profile picture and real links to your social media accounts.

  • Reduce the amount of text when you do implement your real content. For example, each portfolio item only needs a title and short description. The contact section usually contains 2-3 sentences.

Great work so far! I look forward to seeing the improved version. :smile_cat:

Great start, since Im a beginner myself I can’t really give much advice. But I’d say: try to make your website breath a little bit more. I’ve got the feeling there’s so much going on that I don’t want to start reading. This is caused by the long lines of text, no header or clear indication what this page is ABOUT.

The reader should know in 5 seconds what this page is about and why he/she should read it. It’s the first impressions that counts.

Enjoy coding!

Thanks you both of you. Will update later while i start the javascript part :slight_smile:
Have a nice day